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Englewood Music Lessons: Strings Attached

Strings Attached

Open to All K-12 Students Living or Learning in Englewood
Learn to play the violin, cello, piano or guitar!

Strings Attached is an after-school and summer program offering affordable private music lessons for K-12 students attending Englewood Public Schools or living within the district boundaries.  While most of our students come from the local public schools, we also have students who are homeschooled or attend school in another district.

We have students at all levels.  Student recitals are a celebration of the students’ hard work and an opportunity to perform in front of their families.  We also encourage and support students who are performing in their schools, religious services, or in youth orchestras or competitions.

Teachers and School Administrators

We have a page just for you with more information about our program.


Please contact Nancy at nancystringsattached@gmail.com.  She will forward to you a Google Form which is the registration form.

We know families have busy schedules, so we try to provide flexible scheduling.  Teachers do their own scheduling and your teacher will work directly with you to find a time.

Parents are often concerned about letting their child commit to something as serious as learning an instrument but in reality it is an experience we believe every child should have!  We’ve had students who only wanted to try an instrument for one semester and ended up sticking with it long term.  Learning an instrument has been shown in numerous studies to improve many aspects of a child’s academic and life success.

Payment Options

If you wish to pay with a check, mail payment to Strings Attached, Hampden Hall, 1000 Englewood Parkway, Englewood, CO 80110.  Nancy will also email you an invoice which has a link for payment.

To pay for the full semester with a single payment of $196: Click Here

To make four monthly payments of $49 each: Click Here

Family Handbook and Newsletter

Our Family Handbook is designed to give parents of our K-8 students additional information about our program and how to best support your student in learning an instrument.

Ways to Share Strings Attached with Others

Thank you for wanting to share the program with friends and family!


Is my child/ am I eligible to take lessons with Strings Attached?

Yes!  All K-12 kids who live within the Englewood Public Schools district boundaries or attend Englewood Public Schools are eligible.  Many of our students start with us having no experience at all and stay with us for years.

How much does it cost?

Students sign up for a 14 lesson session.  Lessons are $14 for a half hour lesson.

What about an instrument?

  • If you want to rent an instrument, there are area music stores that rent instruments; many of them will use the rental price towards purchasing the instrument.  We recommend paying for the replacement insurance…it is rare but occasionally bad things do happen to instruments in the hands of children.
  • If you need a instrument on loan, we have violins, cellos, guitars, and keyboards available on a first come-first serve basis.

How does it work?

After you have filled out the registration form for your child and arranged payment, the instructor will contact you directly to schedule a time for a lesson.  Lessons may be held in a teacher’s private studio or in the City of Englewood building, second floor.  Lessons are available after school.


What are the teachers like?

We care deeply about choosing the right teachers for our students.  You can see more information about the instrument teachers on the instructors page.  Every teacher is a professional musician and/or professional music educator with extensive experience teaching their instrument.  They all have a long history of helping kids make  progress with an instrument while enjoying the experience.  We know that the teachers we choose are an important decision for the community and we take the process seriously.

Do I need to be there for the lesson?

Speak with your child’s teacher as it is up to their discretion.

Do I need to have any musical background?

Many of the parents in our program have never played an instrument themselves, but want their children to have the opportunity.  It’s rewarding as a parent to learn how to support a musical child.  We have tips in our Family Handbook and you can ask your child’s teacher.

How much work is this for us at home?

You should plan on your student practicing at least 4-5 days a week so they can enjoy the rewards of improvement over time. The amount of time will vary from a few minutes for a kindergartener just starting to 30-40 minutes for a teen.  Don’t worry if you have to remind your student to practice and have to try different times and strategies before finding a practice routine that works for your family.  Every parent with kids who play instruments has had struggles at some point and there are ways to make it a fun and natural part of your family culture.