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Education Programs

Education Programs

Englewood Arts is committed to introducing students to the joys of music making, working to inspire a love of music in young people and encourage a lifelong appreciation of the arts.

Our string instruction classes for students in the Englewood and Sheridan School Districts are now in their 21st year. It is rewarding to know that these opportunities of learning to play a musical instrument often have beneficial effects on their academic work as well, and gives them a self-esteem that can extend well beyond their musical skills.

Reaching out to a the larger metropolitan area, Englewood Arts offers “Symphony Spotlight,” an assembly program performed by 13 musicians from the Colorado Symphony.  This sound-bite experience exposes students to a great variety of musical genres and includes brief instrument demonstrations.

Symphony Spotlight
Strings Attached

“Because of your generosity, support and passion, the students in Sheridan were exposed to opportunities that would have never been possible for them. Watching their pride, passion and confidence grow is something I can’t describe to you. Our students believe in themselves because of the opportunity you provided. Thank you!” ~Amy Kolquist, Assistant Principal, Sheridan School District