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Instrument Lab

Instrument Lab

A Hands-on Introduction to Music
Summer Sessions Enrolling Now!  June and July
Charles Hay World School on Mondays (6/10,17,24; 7/8,15,22)
Clayton Elementary on Wednesdays (6/12,19,26; 7/10,17,24)

Have you ever wanted to play a musical instrument? Here is your chance.  It’s free! We bring 2 pianos, 2 violins, 2 guitars and 2 cellos to the Instrument Lab.  You get to play all 4 for 6 weeks.  Come have fun!

Charles Hay Registration Form:  Download

Clayton Registration Form: Download

Or Call 303.806.8901 or Email: EAInstrumentLab@gmail.com.

This six-week class is offered on a rotating basis, free of charge, in all Englewood elementary schools during the school year also.  Class size is limited to 8 students.

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